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Shooting Stars Dance Academy
Shooting Stars Dance Academy3 days ago
Hello everyone.

I hope you’re all well. Just an update for all at SSDA.

The government have announced several restrictions in the UK. I just would like to acknowledge how we as a dance school will be continuing whilst during this time.

We are still ok to maintain are classes with numbers we still have in place. SSDA are Covid safe with the correct measures in place and are risk assessments are within the government guidelines.

We still stick to our 2 meters in class and making sure hand sanitizers are applied before class and after. Please make sure as parents you do not enter any buildings as stated in the previous message you have received. Face coverings are at your own discretion whilst in class, outside the classes they may wear one.

Any further information you require please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keep safe, SSDA
Shooting Stars Dance Academy
Shooting Stars Dance Academy1 week ago
Good morning everyone.

I hope your all well and starting to enjoy the start of your weekend.

Just wanted to confirm that all classes remain open after the government’s announcements last week.

SSDA are Covid safe and our protocols/risk assessments are in guid with the measures.
If any of our halls cancel then of course we will let you know and get other alternatives but in the meantime we still deliver high quality dance tuition for the children.

Thank you 😊
Shooting Stars Dance Academy
Shooting Stars Dance Academy1 week ago

Friday street dance classes will now be at Padgate community centre on station road. Times are still the same as usual and the process.

Unfortunately I’m still trying to find hall for Saturday ballet classes. I will let you know Friday with update on this. I do apologise everyone but rest assured we working hard to get the kids back 💪💓.

Thank you

Miss Becky
Shooting Stars Dance Academy
Shooting Stars Dance Academy2 weeks ago
Hello everyone. Hope your all well. I just wanted to update you all on a couple of things.

I’ve had a phone call from a couple of halls to say we can’t use their building and maybe going forward due to COVID and the ongoing changes.

I’m so sorry everyone and I’m trying my best to find other alternatives so we can keep the children dancing in studios. The government announcements recently doesn’t really impact the sport sector or my kind of business however because the halls I hire it’s down to them on how they want me to use it etc.

The halls impacted on this are only Woolston and our Elites, other venues are still ok for us.

I’ll see what happens next week and of course do my best to get this sorted. I’ll make up the time for the children also.

Thank you
Miss Becky
Shooting Stars Dance Academy
Shooting Stars Dance Academy3 weeks ago
Wishing all our SSDA dancers the best day going back to school over the coming days. 🥰💃🙏
Shooting Stars Dance Academy
Shooting Stars Dance Academy is feeling fantastic.1 month ago
Hello everybody,

I hope your all well and enjoying the summer break. SSDA re- open from 1st September and we are so excited to be getting back 😃👏💪🥰🕺💃🩰💓!!!

As you will all be aware of the new guidelines we are following at the moment regarding the classes, all the information has been sent to you all via text. Any problems please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please bare in mind the over laps in classes whilst we take our safety measures in to account.

See you all very very soon 🙏